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[audio]"I Asked The Ash Tree" - Tamara
For more information and free music from Tamara, click the link below!
Downloads: 25
[audio]"I Got A Line" - Johnny Salvage
For more information on Johnny Salvage, please click the link below! Donation only folks!
Downloads: 16
[audio]"I Love You Jesus and All That Krist So Let Me Roll the Mary Dice" Volume I!! - S.k.i. M.a.s.k.
Limited cassette release from 2007 by S.k.i. M.a.s.k.electronics by Joshua Slusher and Aaron Feinstein, who currently record and perform as OPPONENTS.Also see ---
Downloads: 18
[audio]"I Love You Jesus and All That Krist So Let Me Roll the Mary Dice" Volume I!! - S.k.i. M.a.s.k.
Limited cassette release from 2007 by S.k.i. M.a.s.k.electronics by Joshua Slusher and Aaron Feinstein, who currently record and perform as OPPONENTS.Also see ---
Downloads: 22
[audio]"I Love You Jesus and All That Krist So Let Me Roll the Mary Dice" Volume I!! - S.k.i. M.a.s.k.
Limited cassette release from 2007 by S.k.i. M.a.s.k.electronics by Joshua Slusher and Aaron Feinstein, who currently record and perform as OPPONENTS.Also see ---
Downloads: 697
[audio]"I Stayed Home ..." (single) - Ethan Persoff
Recorded January 2003
Downloads: 21
[audio]"If Not For Your Sweet Heart" - Eric Villa
For more info & to download more songs by Eric Villa, click below!
Downloads: 17
[audio]"It's Too Big" - esQuire

Downloads: 62
[audio]2999: Interstellar Blackspot - Acre
"The year is 2999, tremendous advances in technology have allowed mankind to travel to the farthest reaches of the universe, it is hailed as mankind’s true era of exploration. However; the Milky Way lies in ruins after a 300 year war which saw earth nuked until nothing was left but molten rock and massively intolerable levels of radiation, the whole galaxy is plagued with dimensional wormholes and strange magnetic fields which make it an interstellar blackspot, or the bermuda triangle of the u...
Downloads: 24
[audio]2999: Into the Garden - Raffertie
"At the start of the 21st century it was often perceived that technology would become so advanced and integrated into every part of our lives that we would eventually come to live in a cold, sterile and dark future where the sound of the wind would be replaced by the hum of electronics. This image nearly became a reality until the change. The biological reclaimed the technological. Earth was renamed ‘The Garden’...
Downloads: 34
[audio]@ ISSUE 10/22/09 - Sim Cain
Sim Cain's solo drum set performance at ISSUE Project Room, Oct. 22, 2009.
Downloads: 19
[audio][i!] - Dielectric Minimalist All-Stars
This recording was built around a core trio, consisting of sound artist Loren Chasse, free jazz drummer Jason Levis and experimental turntablist Die Elektrischen. The raw tracks were then either arranged and mixed by Die Elektrischen (disc one) or passed on to six outside producers (disc two), whose work ranges from indie electronica (Chris Palmatier, Carson Day) to breakcore (Sote) to noise (Gerritt).
Downloads: 62
[audio]I - The Worthless Recluses

Downloads: 34
[audio]I - Zavoloka
Kateryna Zavoloka hails from Kiev and here she dishes up some sweet tracks comprised of rich and abstract analogue/digital noise, melodies and idm like drums.
Downloads: 34
[audio]I - exercise
two leonardos improvised a session. guitar and drums. the sounds were captured live. the guitar was then removed, leaving only the drums. the friendly leonardo then used a laptop to process the drums live. two long tracks of free drumming moving in a stream of consciousness loose narrative flow. sparse high-pitch microbeats and subtle sounds furiously torn into pieces. distorted, multi-toned, multi-layered, spun in every direction...
Downloads: 19
[audio]I - Black Pus

Downloads: 26
[audio]I Am A Dreamer - Anne van Schothorst

Downloads: 25
[audio]I Am a Man Who Will Fight for Your Honor - Chris Zabriskie
An album about the past of the future.
Downloads: 138
[audio]I Am An All Day Long Sucker For Your Love - Lume
Joeri Bruyninckx: all instruments + recordingLieven Fieremans: editing + mastering Lume is the long-time experimental lo-fi project of Belgian Joeri Bruyninckx who also moonlights as a music journalist doing interviews for Ruis, Urbanmag, Vice, Storing, Foxy Digitalis, RifRaf, Kwadratuur etc. A collection of his interviews with musicians from the deep dark Belgian underground was released as a book titled ‘Komaan jong, stel nu eens een boeiende vraag!’ (Dutch / English) in 2009...
Downloads: 46
[audio]I Am Drunk - Blaster Al Ackerman

Downloads: 57
[audio]i am leaving home - junior85
This is the 5th EP in the junior85 Ep-A-Week project. This is a ROCK EP!
Downloads: 25
[audio]I Am Singing to You From My Room - Michael Gira
MARCH/04…Well, I've done did it. I am pleased to announce that I've finished another solo CD. It was recorded for the most part here in my office over the last several months while in the process of writing new songs, using an Audio Technica stereo microphone (directly recorded to DAT), my guitar and voice. That's it. No overdubs, nothing, just the performance. It took a lot of trial end error to find the right mic...
Downloads: 34
[audio]I Could Destroy You with a Single Thought - Kraus
Recorded in 2001 in Dunedin, and at The Mummy's Hand, Auckland Jun-Sep 2004. Recorded in mono, because we only have one speaker. Dedicated to worthy poets whose honesty makes them take pains. Thanks to Maryann.Kraus CDR 2004Contact Kraus for a free copy
Downloads: 96
[audio]I Could Give You Names - Falco Subbuteo
Recorded at Kakutopia, York, in March 2010. This album recounts, in choppy strains, the truth and speculation surrounding how Falco are doggedly followed by the narcotics trade, through no solicitation of their own. The cover features masks made specially for the duo by Jill Lorinson - Falco always wear these to play. Two further masks, originally made for Rhodri Davies and Adam Parkinson, are available for guests to don in solidarity when collaborating: most recent among such performers include...
Downloads: 19
[audio]I Didn't Know You Were So Strange - The Starry Tides
This is a single by The Starry Tides, a home recording project from film composer Dave Merson-Hess. When you download it from Bandcamp (pay what you want, including $0) it comes with two short animated films (in .m4v format, iPhone-optimized) by Dax Norman ( For the first track, "I Didn't Know You Were So Strange", the song came first and the short film is a music video for it. For the second track, "Argyle Kabuki", the film came first and the music is a score written to match...
Downloads: 29
[audio]I don't believe you - Gorowski
Gorowski has made us wait ('I needed to make a few tweaks'), but finally we get to hear his new promo album, 'I Don't Believe You'. This soundtrack provides a fusion of electronic messing about with fresh slices from the discotech. Leftfield emotion, a touch of melancholy, and damn right summer-inducing tuneage make for a sprawling, yet fulfilling excursion into non-conformism.While the 'Ancient Rollers' and 'Space Bandidos ('06 version)' take us to the edge of the pier, 'Barneveld' (a tribute t...
Downloads: 53
[audio]I Don't Like You 7'' - The Black Bug

Downloads: 72
[audio]I Got You - CM aka Creative
For the final maxi-single promoting CM’s “The Classic Material Completion Package XE”, we’ve got a couple more exclusive previously unreleased tracks for you to enjoy. We’ve also included the instrumental and acapella of the title track “I Got You” for your remixing pleasure. We encourage you to submit your remixes (in wav or FLAC format) to our SoundCloud DropBox (We do ask that you use the lossless FLAC format for the best possible quality remixes)...
Downloads: 83
[audio]I had to let God be in Control of ALL Things - Marco Trovatello
What’s that? Kind of a neo post rock band? Certainly not. It’s Marco Trovatello, all by himself. He lined up the band in an almost classic way with Drums, various bass guitars, guitars and synthesizers. Plus, he also invited himself as a guest musician on Glockenspiel, Violin and various small toy instruments.In the past that was probably called a ‘multi-instrumentalist’. It’s pretty normal though for Marco, who amalgamates electronic with electric and acoustic instruments to become hi...
Downloads: 78
[audio]I lift my hands against the gods - Zack Kouns
"I lift my hands against the gods" is a panoramic, episodic, aural and textual examination of the first five hundred years of modern history beginning with Christ in the garden of Gethsemane and concluding with the Roman empire succumbing to the barbarian hordes. In between these two cataclysmic events (the former being one of the most poetic and moving in our recorded history, the latter displaying the generally unpoetic gradual decline and descent into the dullest sort of decadence that always...
Downloads: 90
[audio]I Love the Modern Way - Andrew Vincent
The last album recorded with his band the Pirates was the summer record of '03! Hits like "Good Time" and "Cover It Up" prove that AV is still a master of balancing self-depreciation and appreciation without the whiny Barlowesque baggage.
Downloads: 24
[audio]I Love You - MC Firedrill

Downloads: 14
[audio]I made Blood Better - Mad Nanna

Downloads: 11
[audio]I Remember Us Naked (Blues Version) - Post-Materialists

Downloads: 86
[audio]I Shall Over-Cum! - The Riffingtons
Its... Experimental... Metal.... Improv.... What more do you want?
Downloads: 14
[audio]I slipped her a copy of the SCUM Manifesto, and she read it to me. - Keep Them Alive

Downloads: 85
[audio]I Was A Teenage Strangler Soundtrack - I Was A Teenage Strangler Soundtrack
FMA SOUNDTRACKS   I WAS A TEENAGE STRANGLER SOUNDTRACK By Alien Pornography   The very 1st Misty Mundae movie! Softcore princess Misty Mundae (Chantal, The Rage) in her first film role ever! A swingin’ party where ghastly teens indulge in liquor, mind-altering substances and acts of lewdness, defilement and promiscuity...A sexually depraved lunatic on the prowl, bent on wringing the life from these helpless youth...A night of bizarre and unspeakable atrocities that will have you, too, in th...
Downloads: 275
[audio]I was good - Mela Zeta

Downloads: 16
[audio]I will see you at empty rail crossings with rocks in your hands... - Say No! To Architecture
Super-Limted 2006 Tape Release.    Pretentiously inspired by classical compositions such as The River by  Smetana, SN!TA's first full length release is a 90 minute feature length noise exploration of an apocalyptic landscape through the point of view of a couple of stranded teenagers.
Downloads: 55
[audio]I'd Like To Thank My Coat - David Marie-Garland

Downloads: 15
[audio]I'D-LIKE-TO-TELL-YOU - _jjj_

Downloads: 18
[audio]I'll Be Good EP - Setec
On his new release, I’ll Be Good EP, Setec utilises found-sound percussion alongside looped guitar and cascading layers of his own voice to create a unique, headphone-focused sonic universe. “Setec will bring out all the things that haunt you. It’ll twist knots in your stomach and run loops through your mind.” on Longer Letters
Downloads: 50,033
[audio]I'm Mobile - Aless

Downloads: 20
[audio]I'm On Drugs 7" - Charles Albright
Repressing of Sac Records edition, which came out in 100 press. S.S. pressing has different sleeve and is on black vinyl. SS045
Downloads: 149
[audio]I'm Siding With My Captors - So Cow

Downloads: 17
[audio]i've got braces, too! - daghoti.
the man- a.hofmannthe project- from cologne/germany- founded back in 2001 as a means to end all means- has survived two births and is here to staythe music- samples, loops and loads of real instruments- egocentric, cinematic, traumatic, hectic, idioblastic, ichthyic, collagicthe output- context is all [2001]- music for animation "bumblebee" by anne terkelsen [2003]- i've got braces, too! [2005]website:
Downloads: 62
[audio]I, Cactus - I, Cactus
The deliciously delayed debut release from I, Cactus brings you a short collection of sweet tunes filled with heartbreakingly innocent melodies. As you stroll along with the sun at your back, one cute cactus after another bouncing happily behind you, with this carefree blend of chippy harmonies and clicky crunchy beats you'll never look at a cactus the same way again. Featuring such treasures as "Bamboo Cactus" an unforgettable remix of Nullsleep's "Playful Panda" - this little cactus packs a bi...
Downloads: 211 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio]I8U (debut) - i8u
Montreal-based i8u whose self-titled CD, from the web company Multimedias Pandora, is among the very best Canada has to offer the subterranean genre of dark-ambience. Her impressive synth atmospherics and speaker-shaking closely tuned drones light the way to a brooding landscape of your own imagination.- Chris Twomey, Tandem album reviewAlbum sold out
Downloads: 16
[audio]i::::soul::::ate Vol. 1 - Trans Atlantic Rage/Balogh
[Siro056] Trans Atlantic Rage & Balogh - ::::i:soul:ate:::: 320kbps - May 2011 Ambient / Dark Ambient Sirona-Records Website:
Downloads: 30
[audio]i::::soul::::ate Vol. 2 - Trans Atlantic Rage/Balogh
Released on Blek Blekk in Noverber 2011 as a muisc download and video/dvd.   Link to all 5 videos of song from "i::::soul::::ate" Vol. 2 by Jared C. Balogh visit this link:
Downloads: 17
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